Open Development Camp 2014: open, just, right?

In just 25 years, the internet and the world wide web have drastically changed the way we connect and organise. Groups and communities with access to the technology become more open and creative in finding new solutions to their problems.

They become less dependent on big institutions and are more capable of organising themselves. We see a rise of open organisations; a globally expanding mesh of networked community initiatives. Their common ideology is to share: knowledge, information, tools, and data.

At the same time, we see new threats to empowerment and sharing, new means of surveillance, oppression and violence. We therefore have a growing need for national and international policies and legislation to safeguard access, openness and sharing for the benefit of all, including those not (or not yet) connected.

Join us at Open Development Camp 2014 to explore:

  • how (and even if) open works to empower local communities;
  • how to overcome challenges and stay away from the dark sides of open;
  • how open should be anchored in rights, rules and responsibilities;
  • how we shape open technology, and how open technology shapes us;

We'll work with local projects around the world to further shape the open development movement: How do we use open data, implement open policies, organise and collaborate in new ways, and form new business models? And how do we establish rights and rules around privacy and security, and information and communication. How to develop a safe, inclusive and equitable environment?

This 4th edition of Open Development Camp is organised by Open for Change, the network for Open Development, and DE CONNECTORS, a crossmedia agency connecting organisations with new generations.

Building on the success of the Open Data for Development Camps in 2011 (Amsterdam) and 2012 (Nairobi & Amsterdam), and Open Development Camp 2013 (Amsterdam), we will again bring together a broader movement around open, justice, and digital rights, for a reality check on Open Development!

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What can you expect?
ODC14 will again be an active, participatory event. Two days packed with:
  • Interaction: hands-on workshops, discussions, hacks, brainstorms, demos and presentations. And plenty of time and space to get to know each other.
  • People from all 'walks of life': NGOs, activists, developers, designers, researchers, social entrepreneurs, businesses, policy makers.
  • Debates and deliberation on “open development” as a political paradigm that will occasionally push you out of your comfort zone.
Listen to international keynote speakers who inspire and challenge your existing ideas. Explore the cultural changes that (have) come with these new tools and new ways of working. Get your hands on real data, tools and hardware. Learn to tinker, tweak, and design. Explore "the dark side", and what empowerment and suppression means in different digital contexts.
Partner with us for 2014
We're still looking for partners to make ODC14 possible. Support people come to our event? Connect us to people and organisations? Provide financial or in-kind support to make it happen? Do contact us!
The first names for ODC14 have been confirmed!
Cases and co-creations
During the Camp four cases will be co-created with the help of the participants, one of the case will be presented by Oxfam and their partner organization in Ghana SEND:

Oxfam is involved in a project in Ghana looking at examining how national-to-local budget and expenditure monitoring done by their partner SEND could be enhanced using ICT. This might involve reinforcing and extending capability gains at the national level to regularise the national budget process and open it to effective participation and parliamentary oversight, as well as enhancing the capability of government officials and civil society at the local level to implement and monitor budget allocations for pro-poor programs. The project aims to monitor and seek accountability for decision making related to the national budget, by establishing baselines and setting and pursuing campaign targets for improved public spending in agriculture, education, and health.

Our list of sessions is quickly growing. We'll be adding descriptions as they come in.
Get your ticket now

Tickets are 80 euro for the full two-day event. Early birds pay just 60 euro. Lunch and drinks will be provided on both days.



This year's Open Development Camp will take place in De Balie in Amsterdam. De Balie is a podium for free speech, contemporary art, debate and culture in the heart of Amsterdam.

Get in touch
If you have any questions about the Open Development Camp, contact us at   Or find us on twitter @open_for_change or #odc14