Mobile. Apps. Data. Social media. Low cost computers. Crowdsourcing. Networks. Platforms. More data.
Information and communication technologies enable us to organise ourselves and our activities in new ways. Making it easier to mobilise and involve more people and changing the ways they can participate.
Open Development embraces these developments in a new international cooperation model; one that is more inclusive, that harnesses the wisdom of the crowd, that enables a switch from accountability to collaboration and from transparency to openness. The question is no longer “Should we be Open?” but “How can we be Open?”
At the Open Development Camp we will channel that energy and jointly shape the future of international development: how can open data, innovative technology and new ways of working help us create a better world?
At the same time we will move beyond the hype, and actively explore the boundaries of open and technology driven developments. How relevant is open data when you live on less than $1 a day? How can we avoid yet another divide between the haves and the have nots? What are the security risks?
Join us on 7 & 8 November in Amsterdam for a reality check on Open Development.
Open Development Camp 2013 is organized by Open for Change and takes place at AmLab. Open for Change is the network for Open Development. We bring together different parties, to stimulate the exchange of ideas and best practices and to promote the development of new paradigms, technologies and services in “open development”. We aim to accelerate innovation in international development and humanitarian aid. Building on the success of the Open Data for Development Camps in 2011 (Amsterdam) and 2012 (Nairobi & Amsterdam), we will now bring together a broader movement around open data, open knowledge, open organizations, open government and social enterprises to jointly shape the future of development cooperation.
What can you expect?
ODC13 will be an active, participatory event. International key note speakers will inspire and challenge your existing ideas. They will lead the debate on the on-the-ground value of open development. Explore the cultural changes that (have) come with these new tools and new ways of working. Discuss how they influence your work and your projects & learn how to put them to best use. Get your hands on real data, tools and hardware. Gather with geeks to find real solutions for real world problems. And for the not-so-techie: be amazed by existing solutions, learn why code isn't scary, or join dataviz for dummies. And join us for music, drinks & snacks on Thursday night.
ODC13 will be organized around 3 tracks
Open Data for Development
Learn about the hypes and the realities. Share your thoughts on how open development can be relevant, inclusive and safe. Because Open Development needs a ‘people focus’ rather than a ‘tech focus’
Open Tools & Hardware
Experience the possibilities of today’s technology for development purposes. And discover what these tools & hardware can mean for your cause.
Open Organisations & Open Business Models
Open data and Open Development ask for a new way of organising ourselves: Explore the cultural changes that (have) come with these new tools and new ways of working. Discuss how they influence your work and your projects. Discover new ways to measure impact.
To name just a few speakers and sessions (the full program is avialable below)
Chat Garcia Ramilo – deputy executive director of the Association for Progressive Communication New Frontiers of Open Development
Felipe Estefan – Open Government Practice, World Bank Institute
Impact of Open Data programs
Arjan El Fassed – director Open State Foundation
Thomas Melin – UN-Habitat Theo van de Sande – Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mark Vernooij – THNK, The Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership Linda Vermaat – Professional Rebel Data Exploration on bilateral aid flows
Zara Rahman & Katelyn Rogers - OKFN School of Data
Paper prototyping
Merel van der Woude - Butterfly Works
Verification of crowdsourced data - the case of Japan (after Fukushima)
Rina Tsubaki – European Journalism Centre
How open data changes journalism
Ellen de Lange –
Marianne Gybels – Maps, apps & traps: being transparent while staying safe
Emma Prest & Gillo Cutrupi - Tactical Technology Collective
Aid Transparency Tracker
Mark Brough - Publish What You Fund
Lab Matters: Exploring social laboratories
Marlieke Kieboom - Kennisland
Social service design
Linked Data for Development
Christophe Guéret, Victor de Boer – VU University Amsterdam
Arnaud Morin -, Orange France

For more info about the sessions, have a look at the session descriptions here.
The program
ODC program day 1
ODC program day 2
West-Indian Warehouse
AmLab, short for Amsterdam Lab, consists of three different organizations: Akvo,Text to Change and 1%CLUB. They decided to combine their energy and creativity in order to work together on new ideas in technology for social change. AmLab is located in “het West-Indisch Pakhuis”, the Warehouse of the West India Company, which dates back to 1642. Practical information about where to stay & what to see in Amsterdam will follow soon.
Get in touch
If you have any questions about the Open Development Camp, contact us at or   Or find us on twitter @open_for_change or #odc13