Open Development Camp 2015: Innovating Impact

On the 25th of April, Nepal was hit by a disastrous earthquake. Within 48 hours, a global network of volunteers had already mapped affected roads and damaged buildings - to help first responders before they even hit the ground.

Only a few years ago the important role volunteers play in emergency situations, through groups such as the Standby TaskForce or the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team was unthinkable. Over the years we’ve seen multiple examples of changing social dynamics, where technology played an amplifying role, think of the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, or – closer to home – the different social initiatives that got kickstarted at a crowdfunding platform.

How can all these changes in technology and society help to innovate impact?

Come to The Hague, the Netherlands on 13 November to find out about the future of international development cooperation and humanitarian aid:

  • Shifting dynamics: which social and business models work when innovating impact? How do changing dynamics change our view on ‘North’ and ‘South’, developed and developing? Because ‘development’ is not a matter of Africa alone.
  • Never before have we had so much data in our hands: 90% of all the available data is less than 2 years old. And all this open and big data show us patterns that have never before been visible. How can we use that data for better data driven policy and decision making?
  • And how do we deal with the challenges we encounter? Without putting people at risk, and without creating a new digital or data divide.

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What can you expect?
As always, the Open Development Camp is a community event: by and for the open development community. So join us at ODC15 to discuss the future of international development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

ODC15 brings together professionals from different walks of life: NGOs, activists, developers, designers, researchers, social entrepreneurs, businesses, policy makers.

Get ready to meet a diverse, international audience. Lots of interaction: hands-on workshops, discussions, hacking, brainstorming, demos and presentations. And plenty of time and space to connect and get to know each other.

Open for Change, together with a lot of partners, has been organizing an annual Open (Data for) Development Camp since 2011. This year we are joining forces with the Partos Innovation Festival and Border Sessions, to bring you a day full of inspiration, discussion and hands-on experience.

Keep and eye on this website while the program develops.
Partner with us for 2014 (or 2015)
We're always looking for partners to make ODC better. Can you support people to come to our event? Connect us to people and organisations? Provide financial or in-kind support to make it happen? Do contact us!
Impression of previous years

While this years program is in the making, enjoy some of the videos and images of previous years!

ODC 2013

ODC 2014

Get your ticket now

ODC15 will be organised in close collaboration with the Partos Innovation Festival, which takes place on the same day. We'll also fill in part of the program of Border Sessions, on 11 and 12 November.
Joined tickets for the Open Development Camp, Partos Innovation Festival and Border Sessions will be available - so you can make the most of your stay in the Netherlands.

More details will follow soon.

The Hague
This year's Open Development Camp will take place at the "Theater aan het Spui" in The Hague.
Get in touch
If you have any questions about the Open Development Camp, contact us at   Or find us on twitter @open_for_change or #odc15