Jan-Paul Burgsteden: ”Being transparent and adding value to the open source community are two of our main goals”

October 7, 2014

jan-paul burgsteden

Managed Hosting pioneer True to share insights on Internet security.

True will share their insights on Internet security during the fishbowl session on Friday, at the Open Development Camp 2014 . They are more than just a managed hosting company: ”Being transparent and adding value to the open source community are two of our main goals”. An interview with Jan-Paul van Burgsteden, CTO of the Amsterdam based managed hosting provider True.

What is the story of a pioneer?

”As a young boy I was into programming, DOS, playing Duke Nukem with friends and all things related to technology and the Internet. True basically started as a passion and internship project at school. Things went quickly and at this point we were a company with 35 professionals. At a certain moment in the history of our company I asked myself: do we just want to deliver infrastructure? Or are we pioneers who can make a difference in the digital world? The choice is clear; we have a great team of technicians, specialists and people who know how to innovate, looking at the future.”

How does True make the difference?

” True is not just a managed hosting provider, we add value to the open source community and integrate open source technology in hosting solutions. We consult companies on security issues, offering services like SSL- and firewall services and are also in possession of some key certificates like ISO-27001 for information security management, ISO-4001 for environmental management and NEN-7510, a certificate for information security management within the healthcare sector. We love to host and support meet-ups for user groups and development communities, such as the Ruby-on-Rails Community, MySQL user group and Amsterdam PHP. We always look for structural and sustainable solutions that go beyond hosting and make real integration happen.”

We will be talking about Internet security at the ODC this year. We are all familiar with ‘the Internet’, but what is it actually?

”The Internet is an open community and nobody can claim ownership of it. ‘The internet’ does not really exist. The best you can do is calling it a patchwork of networks. We as True are a small part of it. Everybody should be able to use the Internet and make adjustments if they want to. A good comparison is the brand of Champagne: you can make Champagne, but you are not entitled to call it Champagne if the fruits are not from the Aube region in France. They claimed the name. We should not let commercial interests claim the Internet.”

Data protection and security have been in the spotlight lately. You see a rise in questions about it?
” ‘Where is my data?’ or ‘What happens with my data?’ are examples of questions we often receive. Companies with webshops for instance, they want to know what happens with their and their customers’ data. Most of the data regulation is covered by The Dutch Data Protection Act. This act relates to every use of processing personal data, from the collection of these data up to and including the destruction of personal data. When it comes to storing data and datasecurity, True provides it’s customers in the Netherlands full warranty. Regulation is also partly covered by the European Union. You are not just allowed to store data outside the EU.”

Can you give us some insights on the challenges of the future?
”There are so many challenges. Let’s take an important one: confidentiality of e-mail. In the Netherlands there is no law protecting the confidentiality of e-mail yet. This is crazy – realizing we are living in the 21st century in a rapidly changing digital world full of technological innovations. We still have to face a lot of challenges to make our digital world more secure. True is committed to go for that challenge.”

Check out true at the ODC fishbowl on Friday October 10th, 12.00h.

Want to know more? Please visit their website: www.true.nl or follow True on social media down here. They have written a blogpost about their attendance at the ODC on their own website as well. You can read it here (Dutch)