Open opinions about ODC14 (3)

October 11, 2014

What do the participants think about the Open Development Camp 2014? We asked Ivo Klieber, self employed graphic designer from Germany.

Why did you come to ODC14?

I heard about it by accident a few days ago and I came here to meet some friends and to hang around the community.

What did you think of the opening session on Friday with and Tim Unwin?

Hmm, I think the guy of gave more some sort of an overview of the projects they were doing but I wasn´t really sure if the presentation suited this audience. It felt a bit like I was listening to a commercial related to open data. Their ideas and projects would have been great news if you were present at their launch two or three years ago. But it´s good that he also explained what they did with the feedback from the community to improve their development standards and to give people around the globe the chance to scrape data more easily.

The presentation of Tim Unwin took me a bit off balance because it was very provocative, especially when he talked about the failures of certain ICT developments, like when it comes to privacy and  the lack of sustainability. But I liked his  little wake up call when he said that we as a society still have too much confidence that all technology is good and we shouldn´t criticize it because there´s no alternative. But we all know there´s always an alternative to take development to the next level. Solutions don´t always have to be centered around technology. It´s nice he held that mirror in front of us.

What do you hope the end result will be of this event?

Just to get inspired. It would be nice to get some insights how ngo´s are incorporating technology to achieve their goals and also to learn more about open data in itself.