Open opinions about ODC14 (1)

October 10, 2014

What do the participants think about the Open Development Camp 2014? We asked Daniel Witte, medical researcher.

Why did you come to ODC14?

Because I am interested in open data and citizens science. I am looking for connections and experiences of other citizens who gather data and have contributed in recent projects.

What did you think of the opening session of Thursday where UNESCO and SEND Ghana presented their case?

The story of UNESCO was an interesting one. It showed that although large organisations like themselves have set the right goals to become more transparent and efficient, using open data methodology can be tricky, if not useless if you don’t know what you want to show to the public. Before you start that process you have to know who is your audience and how to guide them in the labyrinth of several databases without they’re getting lost . I think you need a combination of top down approach and grassroots initiatives to make it work. The case of SEND Ghana where they try to make health care more accessible to the poor is a good example that governments and grassroots organisations can benefit from each other by sharing data.

What do you hope the end result of this event will be?

I hope to find a few new references and contacts of people who’re interested in starting new open data projects. And if more organisations or companies open up their own databases for the common good, then I would be very happy.