Open opinions about ODC14 (2)

October 10, 2014

What do the participants think about the Open Development Camp 2014? We asked Crystal Simeoni, program officer of Hivos Nairobi.

Why did you come to ODC14?

My health and education projects are using open data and I had to present a case about it at the event. Of course, I also came here to learn more about the latest developments related to open data and to do a bit of networking.

What were your thoughts about the sessions on the first day?

It was really good, although my mind was most of the day focused on my own presentation. But I really enjoyed the vibe. Especially the one about Open Corporations. If you work with open data you never think about the privacy aspects of it, but it was really interesting and it sparked a lot of thoughts in my head. Why? Because it all correlates with models of open governments. You always have to consider with whom or which company you’re collaborating with and how open their databases are. It’s something I haven’t really thought of. In the realm of health where I work I realize that I have to look more critical about the relations we have with pharmaceutical companies and how open they really are concerning producing and selling medicines to our government.

It’s nice to be part of a community which deals with questions you also struggle with but and try to find solutions for it. In Kenya you sometimes feel a bit alone because there’s not much material on which you can rely on. I really would love that more of this events about open data were organised. Not just in Europe, but regularly on specific continents.

What do you hope the end result of this event will be?

I would like that it will strengthen the international community with one network that covers the continents and also that it will remain a learning space for everyone who has questions about building apps or how to analyse data for civil society.